The Vulnary framework was developed by Hacktivity Labs to provide a way for vulnerability testing and auditing Windows applications.

There are many free and paid services available to determine whether a particular application is malicious in terms of its activity or not, but there is currently no software on the market that can help you investigate in minutes whether an application’s developer has made a mistake that could later be exploited as a vulnerability by malicious attackers.

The goal of Vulnary is to ensure that programs used in IT systems do not have to be blindly trusted. With this framework applications can be audited and checked before they are widely used, or in case they are already in use, the errors related to them can be discovered as soon as possible.

With Vulnary, you can audit an application in minutes. An automatically generated report during the audit helps in the evaluation process, but it is also suitable on its own to send the error to the manufacturer in order to get it corrected as soon as possible. However, the report we receive is detailed enough to allow us to continue our analysis of that application if needed. The framework allows you to audit a large number of applications efficiently and quickly.

Without the use of Vulnary, this type application testing takes quite a long time and requires the knowledge of a trained IT security professional. In contrast, the Vulnary Vulnerability Detection System can perform such vulnerability tests quickly and efficiently. Significantly less knowledge is enough to use the framework and to interpret the errors it detects, so even less qualified colleagues can run audits with great certainty.